People power has been the only thing keeping Adani’s coal in the ground for ten years, and that remains the thing that’s going to stop it. 

The campaign to #StopAdani is one of the biggest people-powered campaigns in Australian history - driven largely by a grassroots network of over 70 local groups taking action in their communities. People from all across the world are now joining with us and taking action to stop Adani turbocharging the climate crisis.

Hundreds of thousands of people have taken action to #StopAdani. We come from all walks of life but are united by a determination to protect people from the disastrous impacts Adani’s coal will have on water, land rights, and the world’s climate. 

We stand in solidarity with the many communities across India and the world that are bravely resisting destructive Adani coal projects.

Join the movement to stop Adani’s coal and help leave a better world for future generations.

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$1 billion dollars for a billionaire? Yeah, no thanks. When Resources Minister Matt Canavan proposed the insane idea of giving Adani $1 billion of taxpayer money to fast-track the Carmichael project, furious Australians leapt into action. Through creative community actions and a big push during the QLD state election, our movement convinced the QLD Government to veto the Coalition’s billion-dollar handout for Adani.


Thanks to our people-powered movement, Adani can’t find any investor willing to directly fund its climate-wrecking project. Dozens of major banks have ruled out funding Adani’s mine, including the 4 big Australian banks, and all the big Chinese banks. 

Adani is keeping its coal mine on a lifeline with inter-company loans from other Adani Group companies. This means any investor invested in any Adani company is at risk of funding Adani’s coal expansion and must take action to stop it. Tell Adani’s major investors to stop investing in Adani, until Adani stops investing in coal.


Adani purchased its license to mine coal in the Galilee Basin on August 3rd, 2010. Adani planned to commence production in 2014 and ramp up to export 60 million tonnes of coal every year, facilitated by public and private finance, a new airport, a new coal-fired power station, and 400km of new rail.[1] If Adani had achieved this plan, by the end of 2020, the company would have shipped a total of 166 million tonnes of coal from the mine.[2] When burnt this would have released 310 million tonnes of CO2 – more than all of France emitted from burning fossil fuels in 2019.[3]

If Adani’s mine had gone ahead it would have led the way for at least 8 more mega mines in the Galilee Basin. But, thanks to people power,  ten years later Adani (and every other mining giant with a Galilee Basin coal licence) have failed to burn a single lump of Galilee coal. Adani have had to  halve the length of their rail line and scale back their initial mine size to 10 million tonnes per annum, or 1/6 of their desired output. Over 100 major companies have refused to be involved with the project and Adani’s potential insurers are dropping like flies.


1. Adani Mining Pty Ltd (2010) Initial Advice Statement, Carmichael Coal Mine and Rail Project, 22 October 2010
2. Assuming a linear annual increase in production from 2014 towards the 2022 goal of 60Mtpa
3. Assuming a 90 kg CO2-e/GJ emissions factor for Carmichael coal. Emissions comparison source: bp Statistical Review of World Energy June 2020


The #StopAdani movement has built one of the biggest grassroots networks in Australia. Over 100 local #StopAdani groups have kept Adani’s coal in the ground by organising thousands of creative actions, and pushing dozens of politicians and over 100 companies to side with the community and oppose Adani. The next generation are helping lead the fight too - young people from the incredible SchoolStrike4Climate movement have organised the biggest demonstrations in support of climate action in Australian history. Their number one demand? Stop all new coal, oil and gas projects, including Adani’s mine.

The campaign is reaching beyond Australia to act in solidarity with Indian and Bangladeshi communities fighting destructive Adani coal projects. The need to stop Adani’s coal fuelling the climate crisis has inspired many powerful acts of international solidarity, such as German school strikers pressuring Siemens over their involvement with Adani’s coal project. And students at Northwestern University pressured their University President over his involvement with Adani’s insurance broker Marsh&McLennan.


Adani has a long history of environmental destruction, human rights abuses and unethical corporate behaviour.

The StopAdani movement has helped expose Adani for breaking Queensland laws, leading to a conviction for the criminal offence of providing false and misleading information to the Queensland Government about land-clearing at their mine site. 

Community vigilance also exposed Adani letting coal sludge pollute the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and the sensitive Caley Valley wetlands; and failing to prepare for flooding, causing damaging erosion to streams and creeks that flow into wetlands and the Great Barrier Reef. 

Find out more about Adani’s long list of breaches here.

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