Can't Trust Adani

Tax havens. Fraud allegations. Corruption investigations. Human rights abuses. Sunken coal ships. Pollution. Secrecy. Bribery.      

With Adani’s track record, we simply can’t trust Adani to do the right thing by the community or the environment.

Since starting operations in Australia, Adani have:

  • breached a pollution licence by 800%, allowing polluted, coal-laden water to spew out of its Abbot Point coal terminal and into the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.1

  • been caught red-handed illegally starting work at the Carmichael mine site. Then lying about it to the Queensland Government. Adani illegally cleared swathes of vegetation and drilled bores into aquifers of the Great Artesian Basin -- putting groundwater at risk. Adani are now being investigated by the Queensland Environment Department.2

  • been caught out in court exaggerating the benefits of their coal project, admitting it would create 1464 jobs not the 10,000 promised and $4.8 billion not $22 billion in royalties.3

  • failed to disclose to the Australian Government their Australian CEO’s past as the head of a copper mine in Zambia that pleaded guilty to allowing a flood of toxic pollutants to flow into a major river, poisoning local water sources and killing crops.4

Adani’s track record overseas is particularly shocking. In 2017, ABC’s Four Corners detailed Adani’s unscrupulous practices in India and links to corporate tax havens in the Cayman and British Virgin Islands.

This built on an investigative report which links Adani with corruption investigations, fraud allegations, pollution incidents, mistreatment of local communities, deaths at work sites, and exploitation of workers.  

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