Let's Stop The Money

Adani are still trying to fuel the climate crisis by digging the biggest coal mine in Australia's history, and the world's biggest investors are funding it all.

Thanks to our movement, no one is willing to directly fund Adani's disastrous Carmichael coal project. So, Adani are quietly shuffling investor's money through their corporate empire to fund their Queensland coal mine by stealth. This means that anyone investing in any of Adani's companies is at risk of helping Adani destroy the climate and trash Indigenous rights.

Adani's BIGGEST investors are BlackRock, HSBC, State Bank of India, JP Morgan, and MUFG.

We're going to push these companies to use their influence and demand Adani stop work on the Carmichael coal mine, or else pull their money out from Adani.

How are these companies invested in Adani?

  • BlackRock: BlackRock holds almost US$1billion in bonds and shares across the Adani Group, including US$147.2 million in shares and bonds held by ‘actively’ managed funds. BlackRock also holds approximately US$85billion in coal globally, despite a pledge to sell fossil fuel shares.
  • State Bank of India: SBI holds US$144million in shares in the Adani Group. SBI is also still considering a $1billion loan directly to the Carmichael coal project.
  • JP Morgan: JP Morgan holds almost $US51 million in Adani Group bonds. Bond co-arranger for five Adani Ports deals worth over US$2.5 billion. In August 2021 JP Morgan contributed to a $1billion loan for an airport to Adani Enterprises - the Adani company most closely connected to the Carmichael coal project.
  • MUFG: MUFG holds US$2.1million in shares in the Adani Group. Bond arranger for six Adani Ports deals worth over US$3.5 billion. MUFG is the largest lender to the coal industry in Asia, and the 3rd largest lender to the coal industry globally.
  • HSBC: HSBC holds almost US$69.2million in bonds and shares across the Adani Group. They are also a bond arranger for the State Bank of India. In October 2021 HSBC are schedule to announce the details of a policy to phase out the financing of coal-fired power and thermal coal mining.

Host a Stop the Money Action

1888 actions since #StopAdani began...
210 Stop The Money actions so far!

We know actions work. Thousands of volunteers have used the tactics below to push 100+ companies to rule out Adani! 

The best part is, anyone anywhere can host a Stop the Money Action, whether you're a first-time host or a seasoned campaigner. 

All Action Hosts receive one-to-one support from our Action Support Team, you'll be provided with all the guides and resources you need, and you'll have access to the #StopAdani Support Network, a Facebook group full of people also organising actions.

Simply choose the type of action you'd like to host, pick a time, date, and place, and click the "Host an Action" button below to register. We'll be in touch with all the support you need. 

Gather your group of friends at home (or online over Zoom!) and flood the company executives with emails, calendar invites, phone calls, and other digital pressure calling on them to drop Adani!

Hand out flyers to staff at an Australian office of these investors to grow support and knowledge among staff of the #StopAdani campaign demands.

Make sure these companies and their staff know our demands and concerns by organising a letter delivery at their offices.

Our targets have offices all across Australia. Make sure these companies and their staff know our demands and concerns by hosting a colourful and loud action in their doorstep.

It's a major risk for a company's brand to be linked with Adani, coal, and causing climate change. Use stickers, banners, posters, and more to get the word out that these companies are helping Adani's coal mine! 

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