Coal Kills

Coal pollution is the biggest driver of climate change.

Adani’s coal is deadly. As Adani expands its coal ports, power stations, rail and mines across the world, the Adani company threatens the survival of communities, spreads choking air pollution, drives the extinction of wildlife and fuels life-threatening climate change.   

Mining, transporting and burning coal is a dirty process which ends in choking air pollution. Air pollution kills an estimated 7 million people globally each year with communities that live around coal-fired power stations, coal mines and haulage lines particularly impacted. 

The impact of coal on community health in Australia has been estimated at $2.6 billion every year, with coal causing a range of health problems including lung cancer, heart disease and premature death. Coal-fired power stations have consistently been found to be the biggest source of air pollution in Australia.

In recent years, the life-threatening black lung disease (coal workers’ pneumoconiosis) has reappeared. Previously thought to have been eradicated, with further surveillance in Queensland, 39 cases of this untreatable disease have been discovered since 1984

Air pollution from fossil fuels causes 30% of deaths in India every year. The Adani Group is the biggest private coal company in India, operating a vast network of coal ports, mines, power plants, transport and transmission infrastructure. The AdaniGroup is planning to significantly increase its coal footprint in India in the years ahead with 6 new coal-fired power stations and expansions, including one in Godda which is the intended final destination for Queensland coal.

Not only does Adani’s dirty coal cause lethal pollution but it also fuels climate change, bringing life-threatening climate disasters to communities and families around the world. Climate impacts such as extreme heat, bushfires, storms, floods and the spread of infectious diseases all have the potential to be life-threatening.

As Adani digs in to expand their coal port, power, rail and mine projects, this company is also killing traditional cultures, despite not having consent of Traditional Owners in Australia and Adivasi people in India, and wildlife, some of which are already on the brink of extinction.

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