EXPOSED: Adani investors tricked into funding Adani's coal mine

People power has successfully pushed private banks to rule out directly funding Adani’s coal mine. So the mining giant is keeping the project on a lifeline by funnelling money into it from other Adani Group companies. This means any bank invested in any Adani company is helping Adani fund their coal mine and turbocharge the climate crisis.

Adani is supported by some of the world's biggest investors, such as Allianz/Pimco and HSBC. These banks have policies that rule out funding for new thermal coal mines. They should be furious that Adani have tricked them into funding the world's most controversial coal project.

Can you ask Adani's big investors to put their money where their mouth is and rule out any further investment in Adani until Adani walks away from its climate-wrecking coal mine?