Tell Adani's investors to stop funding Adani's coal expansion

Coal giant Adani is planning to develop more new coal than any other private company in the world. [1]

Adani is expanding its Carmichael coal mine without the consent of Wangan and Jagalingou people. In India, Adani has bought at least 12 new coal mines since 2020, and is planning new coal-burning power stations and a highly-polluting coal-to-plastics plant. 

To make matters worse, Adani has an ongoing business partnership with the Myanmar military - which is committing crimes against humanity including genocide.[2] And Adani has been accused of pulling “the largest con in corporate history” in a damning report presenting detailed evidence of “brazen accounting fraud, stock manipulation and money laundering” over many decades. [3]

Adani’s investors are already complicit in climate chaos, rampant environmental destruction and violation of Indigenous land rights. Now they know Adani stands accused of "the largest con in corporate history" and must divest.

Can you send a message to Adani's big investors demanding they stop funding Adani's coal?

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[2] Adani proposed coal ventures to sanctioned Myanmar military despite public vow to cut ties, leaked documents show, ABC, 4 May 2023
[3] Adani Group: How the world's 3rd richest man is pulling the largest con in corporate history, Hindenburg Research