GHD: rule out working with Adani!

Engineering firm GHD are doing the engineering design for Adani’s dirty coal mine.

On their website, GHD claims to have a “commitment to sustainable development”. Coal is the number one cause of deadly global warming. Helping Adani build the world's biggest new coal mine is the opposite of “sustainable development”.

Over 50 major companies have refused to work with Adani. GHD can do the same. GHD are highly diversified. They don’t need to work with Adani.

GHD can be part of the solution, helping companies that are creating jobs in the sustainable industries of the future - not planet-cooking coal mines. Let's push GHD to side with the overwhelming majority of Australians and rule out working on Adani's dirty coal mine!

IF YOU HAVE INTEL ABOUT GHD AND ADANI: Please email if you have intel about GHD. Your email will be treated as highly confidential.



With over 40 offices across the nation (and even more overseas), Australians everywhere have been organising actions outside their local GHD office! Here's the steps for how you can organise an action at your local GHD office:

1. Click here to find your local GHD office.

2. Use the resources below to organise an action.

3. Register the details of your action on the map below.

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#StopAdani action groups are popping up all over the country. Create a local action group, or join one using the map below. Let’s take action together!

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#StopAdani events are independently self-organised by community volunteers.