Tell GHD to stop working with Adani

Adani have bullied their way into getting approvals for their dirty Carmichael coal mine. But they still need contractors to help them build the mine and rail. Engineering consultancy GHD is one of the few companies still working for Adani on this disastrous project.

On its website GHD claims to have a “commitment to sustainable development”. Yet it is working on a project that threatens water supplies, trashes Traditional Owners’ land rights and will fuel worse heatwaves, bushfires, droughts and storms.

Coal is the number one cause of deadly global warming. Helping Adani build the world's biggest new coal mine is the opposite of sustainable development.

Contact GHD and ask it to stop helping Adani drain precious water, undermine Aboriginal land rights, and turbocharge global warming. 

Over 50 major companies have refused to work with Adani. GHD can do the same.