Street by street

Adani is itching to build their polluting coal mine. They’ve got money, most approvals, and backing from the Labor Party and the Liberal Nationals. Most of the community want Adani stopped, but still our politicians put a coal billionaire first.

We have to make our politicians choose: side with their constituents and #StopAdani, or face unrelenting pressure until they do.

You and your community are at the heart of the plan to turn up the heat on every politician.

Soon there will be a #StopAdani sign on every street. An active group in every suburb and town. Thousands of conversations about Adani in every electorate. Relentless action to demand our politicians stop putting coal billionaires before the climate, our water, and the Reef.

This is what it’s going to take to push the major parties away from coal and to #StopAdani -- once and for all. Watch the video to see how you can go Street by Street to #StopAdani in your community.


It is possible to break our politician’s obsession with coal. It’s already working. Last year, the Queensland Government vetoed a $1 billion taxpayer-funded loan for Adani because communities got organised, had thousands of conversations, and took action everywhere politicians went.

Now we have to urgently do it in every corner of the country so the Labor Party and the Liberal Nationals have no choice but to shift. Will you help your community #StopAdani Street by Street?

Check out the plan, find your nearest event, or start your own today!

Authorised by C. Walker, Friends of the Earth Australia, 312 Smith St, Collingwood VIC 3065