1. Knock Your Block: Get some friends together and doorknock your block or street! Scroll down for more info.
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2. Knock Your Suburb/Town: Work with your group to doorknock your whole suburb or town! Scroll down for more info.
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3. Join a doorknock! See the map below and join a doorknock happening near you! 
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Order yard signs and flyers with the button below. Or download the templates, customise for your upcoming events, and print them locally.

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We have pulled together a map of Australia that has been divided into blocks that you will need to download and print for your walking packs. There is also a video about how to prepare these maps.

Video about downloading maps Download your maps 


Knock Your Block is a great way to kickstart #StopAdani in your area! With a few friends you can get out and have conversations with your community to find other people who are ready to take action. 

Everything you need to know about how to Knock Your Block is in a short guide. Download it below. Also make sure to hit the button below to sign up, so we can get in touch and provide support.

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Make a plan. How many conversations are you aiming for and why? How many people do you need? What roles will people play? Where will you start? How will you grow?

How many people? Aim for 10 group members.

Read: Build Your Group

Get out into your community and have hundreds of conversations about stopping Adani. Invite them to take action and attend your next event - and then follow up with them afterwards.

How many people? Aim to talk with 1000 people.

Read: Doorknock Your Community

Don’t forget: Enter your results here after each doorknock.

Host a Community Get-Together to share what’s happening with Adani’s mine and what we need to do to stop it. Share your plan to go street by street and keep the pressure on your politicians and inspire new people to join you.

How many people? Aim to turnout 100 people.

Read: Bring Your Community Together

Make sure your politician hears from all the people you’ve spoken to: on the phone and at their office, through actions, events and community meetings that pressure your politician to side with your community, not Adani.

How many people? Aim to turnout at least 50 people.

Read: Shift Your Politician

Once you’ve been through the steps, start from the beginning and do it again, and this time you'll have twice as many people! This is how we will keep building our unstoppable power in communities across the country to #StopAdani.

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