Stop the money week of action!

Join us from 10-14 August to stop finance for Adani's coal port!

Abbot Point coal port is essential to Adani's disastrous Carmichael coal project — this is where Adani will shovel climate-wrecking coal onto ships for export through the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, to be burned in India.

But right now, Adani's Abbot Point coal port is drowning in debt and Adani urgently need to borrow more money to pay it back. If Adani can't borrow money to repay this debt, then they will have to pay it themselves. Every dollar Adani spends paying back Abbot Point Port debt is a dollar they CAN'T spend building their climate-wrecking mine and rail line.

To avoid footing this huge bill, you can bet Adani is working night and day to lock in finance from companies who have loaned to their Abbot Point coal port most recently. Thanks to pressure from our movement, previous investors Samsung and Hanwha have already ruled out more funding for Adani's coal project! Now, we need the other South Korean companies who provided finance to Adani's port recently — the Industrial Bank of Korea and Korea Investment & Securities — to do the same!

That's why we're holding a Week of Action where people will get together at COVID-safe events across the country to pressure key financial institutions to rule out future funding for Adani's coal port. These companies aren’t used to any sort of public pressure, so they are in for a surprise!

How do I join the Week of Action?

1. Download the Stop the Money Week of Action Guide

2. Register your event on the #StopAdani map

3. Invite people to join you!

Not able to join an event in person? You can still take action! Find details here.


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