Tell IBK and KIS to rule out Adani

From August 10-14 we're taking coordinated action to pressure key South Korean financial institutions Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) and Korea Investment & Securities (KIS) to rule out future funding for Adani's Abbot Point coal port. Hanwha and Samsung have already made the smart choice and ruled out any association with Adani's climate-wrecking coal, it's time for IBK and KIS to do the same!

Before you get started, check out these talking points to help craft your messages to IBK and KIS. If you get a response from IBK or KIS let us know at [email protected]. Let's go!

Tweet a selfie

Make a sign calling on the Industrial Bank of Korea to rule out funding Adani's coal port. Take a selfie and tweet it at @SMART_IBK (KIS doesn't have a Twitter account.)

You can also download and print this selfie sign which includes a message in Korean “아다니 석탄사업 투자로 호주산불과 기후변화 악화된다!” (translates to "The Adani coal investment worsens the Australian bushfire and climate change.")

Comment on Facebook

We know these companies are sensitive about their public reputations, and there's nothing more toxic to a company's brand than Adani's coal! So let's leave comments on their social media posts where everyone can see them. Let them know that funding Adani's coal port means helping Adani fuel the climate crisis, making Australia's bushfires worse.

Send an email

You can use this online tool to send an email to IBK, KIS, and a number of Adani's other potential creditors.

Or, if you prefer a personal touch, send an email to the following addresses:

Send a fax

You can use a free and easy online service called Fax Plus to send a fax to KIS in South Korea on +82-2-3276-6402 or in London on +44-207-065-2769Watch the video tutorial and sign up for a free account at

Make a phone call

Check the key messages in the Stop the Money Week of Action guide to help you craft your talking points.