Stop finance for Adani's coal port

Adani urgently needs to borrow more money to pay off huge debts that are due on their Abbot Point coal port. The Abbot Point port is essential to the disastrous Adani Carmichael coal project— this is where Adani will shovel climate-wrecking coal onto ships for export through the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, to be burned at their coal plant India.

Adani’s purchase of the port in 2011 was debt-funded, and now they need to pay back around $1 billion of that debt in the next two years.

That’s why Adani is desperately looking for banks to bail them out by refinancing these loans. If Adani cannot borrow money from creditors to repay this debt, then they will have to pay the money out of their own pocket.

Every dollar Adani spends paying back its Abbot Point Port debt is a dollar it can’t spend building its climate-wrecking mine and rail line.

It's likely that Adani will go to existing and previous creditors for these new debt arrangements. 

Use this form to tell Adani’s Abbot Point creditors that they must rule out further financing of Abbot Point!

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