Elon Musk to solve our power challenges - for free!

GetUp is sick and tired of the Turnbull government playing politics with renewables. So when Elon Musk, billionaire founder of Tesla, offered to help fix...
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We're coming to your town! Don't miss the #StopAdani Roadshow

Stopping the Adani mega coal mine is the first step in breaking the iron grip of the polluting coal industry so that Australia can move...
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Most Australians oppose Government's $1B Adani loan

More than half of Liberal voters also oppose plans to loan Indian company $1bn to build a rail line between proposed Carmichael coal mine and...
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Grannies occupy Queensland Labour HQ to block Adani mine

Associated Australian Press reported on an unusual group of protesters who vowed to "Stand up to Adani and take direct action" to stop the Adani...
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How we've won on banks before, and how we'll win again

For the last 3 years we have been calling on the big 4 banks to rule out funding Adani’s disastrous project. Money is Adani’s weak...
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Right now Land Rights are under attack

Right now Land Rights are under attack. The government wants to weaken the Native Title Act to allow mining companies like Adani to destroy Aboriginal...
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Clean energy will create tens of thousands more jobs than Adani

New research shows strong clean energy policies would create 90,000 new jobs across Queensland by 2030 – many tens of thousands more than even the...
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9 reasons why you should get fired up about stopping Adani again

Time for everyone to get fired up about taking on Adani again because they are back and want to start building the world's biggest coal...
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