National launch of new #StopAdani film “A Mighty Force”: Thurs 22 Feb

Director Nell Schofield’s latest film, #StopAdani: A Mighty Force, which profiles the campaign to stop Adani’s controversial coal mine in Central Queensland, will be launched this Thursday 22 February, with a People’s Premiere and more than 50 simultaneous screenings in big cities, regional centres and small towns around the nation.

The 30-minute documentary captures the power and passion of people taking extraordinary action to #StopAdani.

The #StopAdani campaign’s first film, Guarding the Galilee, has screened more than 400 times to well over 10,000 Australians.  The film has brought communities together to build a movement that now has over 160 active community groups. The combined membership of these groups and the organisations of the Stop Adani Alliance well and truly tops two million Australians.

As Juru Traditional elder Carol Prior, whose country Adani plans to build a railway line through, says in the film, “Adani are dealing with a mighty force, and the more it grows, the harder we’ll be to beat.”

High profile, award winning Director Nell Schofield says, “This documentary tells the story of the David and Goliath battle to stop Adani digging one of the biggest coal mines in the world. It shows the determination and the strength of this dynamic, people-powered movement.”

The film features human stories of why stopping Adani is so critical, including:

  • a young Aboriginal woman standing up for country in Central Queensland

  • a Melbourne Rabbi putting pressure on his MP, Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg

  • Queensland farmers concerned about water and climate

  • former ACF President and prominent businessman Geoff Cousins who in 2017 visited communities devastated by Adani’s projects in India, and

  • the work of tens of thousands of people who have mobilised across Australia to #StopAdani.

In 2017 the Stop Adani movement pushed Australian and Chinese banks to say no to funding the mine, pressured the Qld government to veto a $1 billion taxpayer-funded loan, and saw engineering firm Downer break $2 billion in ties with Adani. So far in 2018, rail operator Aurizon has withdrawn its application for taxpayer funds to build Adani’s railway, and Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has expressed concern that the project ‘does not stack up’.

“Adani is unlikely to walk away. It has sunk billions into its proposal, and enjoys ongoing political support at a state and federal level. The fight to stop Adani is not over and the movement will continue to work to protect the Reef, water, climate and land rights,” said Ms Schofield. 

The film includes music by local composers Nick Wales (Sydney Dance Co, Sarah Blasko), DJ Jonny Seymour and International artist Anohni.