#StopAdani Campaign Highlights Adani Group’s Disturbing Labour Rights Record

To mark Monday's Labour Day holiday, unionists will talk to hundreds of Batman voters about the Adani’s Group’s disturbing worker rights record, a week out from the Batman by-election.

“On Labour Day, we celebrate those who fought for decent and fair working conditions, and we recharge for the fight ahead. All over the world, the Adani Group has an appalling record when it comes to workers’ rights and safety. Anyone who cares about workers, must oppose Adani,”said Colin Long, Victorian Secretary of the National Tertiary Education Union.

"Labor says it represents working people. It makes no sense for Labor - or the union movement - to sit on the fence about a company that clearly doesn’t value its workers.

“We know that workers die on Adani worksites - seven people were burned to death in a boiler accident in 2016, and just last year, three Adani workers were tragically killed, and many more were injured in a coal pile collapse at one of Adani’s ports.

“Adani’s child labour track record is a particular worry: kids as young as twelve are chronically overworked and underpaid.

"And none of the Adani Group’s four companies engage with their unions, so workers can’t organise to make their workplaces safer.  Why on earth is this are politicians rolling out the welcome mat to Adani here in Australia?  

“On Labour Day, we celebrate the hard-won rights of workers here in Australia, and stand in solidarity with workers elsewhere.  We want to make sure that the people of Batman know where Adani stands on labour rights, and how they can use their vote to #StopAdani on March 17,” concluded Mr Long.

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