Tell HSBC to speak out and stop Adani's loan

Major State Bank of India Investor Amundi has already come out and said they will divest tens of millions in green bonds if SBI's $1bn loan for Adani's climate-wrecking coal mine goes ahead! Amundi has engaged SBI on the Adani loan and has been told "the decision has not been made." [1]

It’s time for more investors to stand up and speak out. British banking giant HSBC is a major investor in SBI, and has previously ruled out funding new thermal coal mines.

Can you call HSBC and ask them to speak out publicly against SBI’s Adani loan?

Read more about the news and contact SBI directly here.

[1] Amundi threatens to divest State Bank of India's green bonds over coal project, Environmental Finance, 27 November 2020 [paywalled]