UPDATE: Since launching this campaign in November 2020, Amundi, the largest asset manager in Europe, has divested from SBI, following similar moves from AXA IM. And the largest asset manager in the world, BlackRock, along with Norwegian giant Storebrand, have also spoken out against the proposed loan - let's keep the pressure on!

The State Bank of India is considering giving Adani almost AU $1 billion for their climate-wrecking Australian coal mine.

More than 90 major companies have refused to be involved with Adani’s coal project, including some of the worlds' largest banks and insurers, because of the controversy and reputational risk associated with the project. Now Adani wants Indian taxpayers to foot the bill for a destructive project that private investors refuse to touch.

Contact the State Bank of India now and tell them public funds should be used for public good, not bailing out a billionaire's climate-wrecking coal mine.