Climate change is pushing Australia to breaking point. Weeklong heatwaves of almost 50 degrees. Months of drought. Bushfires along entire seaboards - in winter. We know coal is the biggest driver of climate change. Australia is the world’s biggest exporter of coal. We need to stop building coal mines and wind down our existing coal industry.

But despite this, Adani want to start digging a huge coal mine in one of the largest untouched coal reserves in the world, the Galilee Basin in Queensland.

Our politicians can stop Adani - and this #ClimateElection is our chance to make it happen. Australians everywhere want major parties to take climate change seriously, and that must involve stopping Adani’s dirty coal mine.

The good news is Australians want to #StopAdani. Concern for climate change is at an all time high.1 The majority of Australians want Adani’s mine stopped.2 8 in 10 Labor voters want Labor to oppose Adani.3 Australia is ready to move beyond coal.

2019 is our year. With a Federal Election set for May, politicians and candidates are desperate to win public support on the big issues. It’s our big chance to put #StopAdani and climate change at the centre of the national debate, and ensure the next government is elected on a mandate to #StopAdani. We can’t miss this chance.

We need to be relentless, bold, and everywhere. The coal lobby is powerful. They may have money, but we have people. We can make #StopAdani a top issue in every suburb and town. It’s going to take a local person or group to stand up and lead the charge in their community. That person is you.

It’s already happening. A mass movement growing. In October, the #StopAdani movement put climate change at the centre of the Wentworth by-election, by knocking on 4,500 doors and having thousands of conversations about climate change. In November, over 15,000 children walked out of school to demand urgent action on climate change. In the last year, a new #StopAdani group launched every week.

This won’t end on election day. We will need to keep relentless community pressure on the next government to act on climate change and move Australia beyond coal. We'll make this the #StopAdani election, then we’ll keep up our momentum to push the next government until they#StopAdani. With that victory in our sails, we will keep going until Australia leaves the coal where it belongs - in the ground.

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#StopAdani candidate's forums are popping up all over the country. Join one using the map below. Let’s take action together!

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