Doorknocking: A beginners’ guide

Want to doorknock, but too nervous to do it? First-timer Kara Stuart's honest story on what it's like to doorknock to #StopAdani. 




"A couple of weekends ago, I attended my first ever doorknock as part of the Street By Street campaign.

"I work at my local school and like lots of people in my community, I’m passionate about protecting the reef and stopping fossil fuel projects that will contribute to dangerous climate change.

"I signed up to help with doorknocking in my community and I really wasn’t sure what it would be like.

"After meeting with the crew before the doorknock, grabbing my clipboard and a map, I jumped in my car and drove to my map’s location. It was at this point that my nerves took over and I began to freak out!

"I started to think 'I’m not sure if I can do this'. After giving myself time to calm down, I decided I would do one house and see how I go. My first conversation was awesome!

"The guy had heard of the Adani mine and was keen to get involved. (He also had a cute golden retriever, which didn’t hurt!) That gave me the confidence to knock on a few more doors and I set myself small targets: 5 doors, 10 doors, 15, 20.

"My last conversation was with a lovely elderly couple who I had a great chat with. By the end of that conversation, they had changed from 'I don’t know enough about the mine to have an opinion' to 'I'm actually opposed to this mine. Yes, I'm coming along to the next #StopAdani event!'

"I was so energised by the experience. And to be honest, even folks who weren’t interested were still very polite. It was exciting to try something new and after having that practice, I’m sure next time will be even easier.

"I hope this gives other first-timers some confidence to give it a go. It really does feel great to get out and have real conversations with people. Happy doorknocking!"

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