Jam Lancashire's Phones!

Lancashire, don't be a laggard!

Lancashire is one of the last remaining Lloyd's insurers that has failed to rule out providing insurance for Adani's coal project. With the top ten largest Lloyd's insurers now having distanced themselves from Adani, it's time for Lancashire to do the same.

And with Lancashire's Annual General Meeting coming up on 28th April, they have the perfect opportunity to publicly announce they will have nothing to do with Adani's mine.

Call Lancashire's office now to demand they rule out insurance for the climate-wrecking Adani Carmichael coal project at their AGM next week.

With Lloyd's insurers dropping like flies, Lancashire risk becoming climate laggards if they fail to take this opportunity to rule out Adani

Let's flood their phone lines to pressure them to make the right choice and rule out Adani!

Can't make a call? Jam Lancashire's calendar with invitations to rule out Adani instead.

Feeling daunted? Watch an example of Jennifer from #StopAdani Gold Coast leaving a message for Marsh CEOs before you call!