Use your calendar to Stop Adani

Lancashire are refusing to come clean on whether they are insuring Adani's coal mine. We’ve been calling on them to rule out Adani for months, but it just seems like they aren’t making the space in their busy calendars to rule out insurance for Adani’s destructive mine. So we’re going to fill the calendars of Lancashire executives with invitations to remind them to take a moment to rule out Adani.

What you need:

  1. The email addresses of the Lancashire Group CEO Alex Maloney and Lancashire Group Chief Financial Office are:
    [email protected][email protected] 
  2. CC us at [email protected] so we can see the invitations coming in
  3. Pick a time in your calendar before 28th April 2021. Add a message like "Reminder: Rule out Adani" or "Note to self: don't insure Adani" - get creative!
  4. Copy the email addresses and paste into the invite field of your event. Make sure to click "send invitations" so the executives get an email notification as well. 
  5. Rinse and repeat. Hot tip - multiple invitations are more effective than long events. 

Lancashire decision-makers will have to decline each and every invitation, making it literally impossible to ignore our calendar invitations.

If you are new to calendar invitations, watch the video tutorials below. Thank you to for the inspiration!

Google Calendar

Microsoft Outlook

If you use a different email provider, use google to find instructions.