#StopAdani movement outlines demands of Qld Govt Day 1 Parliament

  • Vow to ramp up pressure in 2018 on State and Federal Labor to stop mine

  • Call for investment in clean energy rather than damage existing Qld jobs

On the first sitting day of Queensland Parliament, hundreds of Stop Adani supporters have gathered outside, making a barrage of noise on pans, drums and whistles, to make clear the movement will keep pushing State and Federal Labor until the mine is stopped.

The Stop Adani Alliance has made eight key demands set out in a letter to the new Government and released its 2018 plans to stop this polluting mine.

Isabella Morand, Community Organiser, Australian Conservation Foundation, said, “Last week we rallied in Canberra and now we’re here at Queensland Parliament. The Queensland Government must commit to opposing Adani’s climate-wrecking mine. We will be noisy and relentless in campaigning to protect Australia’s beautiful natural world.    

“Poll after poll shows Australians do not want this project to go ahead. The people powered movement is growing day by day and is intent on stopping this polluting mega-mine.

“We’re calling on the Premier to stand on the right side of history and stop this project once and for all.”

Peter Arndt of the Catholic Justice & Peace Commission + Stop Adani Brisbane, said, “Adani’s mine proposal threatens the existing jobs of tens of thousands of Queenslanders working in Reef tourism. It will put farmers and graziers’ livelihoods at risk by potentially damaging the integrity and security of groundwater. Economists also predict that, ironically, the mine would kill off existing coal jobs in Queensland and shift employment away from other sectors, such as manufacturing.

“The promised jobs from the project are just not being delivered. Adani has missed deadline after deadline to get its project up and running because banks around the world have pledged not to lend money for a dying, polluting industry.

“Queensland now leads Australia for renewable energy jobs, with reports showing the sector employs over 5000 people. It’s clear making the state a renewable energy powerhouse is the best way that the government can generate jobs”.

Michael Kane, Queensland co-ordinator, Farmers for Climate Action said,  “Central Queensland  farmers and graziers are very worried about the impact of Adani’s mine on their groundwater. Many of them are now in their fifth year of drought and if they lose their ground water then it’s game over.”

“Like all Queenslanders, farmers and graziers are angry that Adani has been gifted free, unlimited water for 60 years, at a time when two thirds of Queensland remains drought declared. We’re calling on the Premier to stand up for graziers, and rescind Adani’s unlimited groundwater licence.” 

Queenslanders at the rally vowed to step up their efforts in 2018 to stop the mine once and for all. The campaign plan in 2018 includes grassroots workshops, door knocking and phone banking, sustained actions targeting MPs, community screenings of a new documentary and mass mobilisations.

Key demands of the Stop Adani Alliance of the Qld Government

  1. Cancel Adani’s associated water licence.

  2. Secure a full upfront cash bond by way of financial assurance to ensure that funds will be available if needed to complete rehabilitation and closure of the Carmichael coal mine.

  3. Recognise that the Wangan and Jagalingou claim group has said no to Adani four times.*

  4. Uphold Labor’s commitment that no public money is spent on Adani’s Carmichael coal mine and associated infrastructure, including any direct or indirect government subsidies.

  5. Cancel Adani’s mining lease.

  6. Introduce a moratorium on new coal mines and expansions of existing coal mines in Queensland.

  7. Ensure NAIF funded projects in Queensland serve to diversify investment across Northern Australia.

  8. Oppose any public subsidies for other fossil fuel projects.

Wangan and Jagalingou Claimants Again Vote Down Adani, Seek Injunction (3 December 2017)