Queenslanders join #StopAdani Mardi Gras ‘Queer Planeteers’ float

The #StopAdani campaign is sprucing up its placards with bio-glitter for the campaign’s debut at this Saturday’s Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, with #StopAdani campaigners from Queensland taking centre stage on the ‘Queer Planeteers’ float.

Tyler Peirce, a marine biology student from Townsville will lead the float dressed as Captain Planet. Tyler will be joined by SEED Indigenous Youth Climate Network’s Queensland grassroots Coordinator Jordan Wimbis who’ll dance in red and black for #StopAdani.   

The float, organised by filmmaker Nell Schofield, will acknowledge momentous Australian environmental campaigns and queer activists from past campaigns, including those who worked on the Franklin River ‘No Dams’ campaign (1978-83). The featured dancers’ capes are hand-printed by famous Australian fashion designer Linda Jackson and the Queer Planeteers’ dance moves have been choreographed by Holly Doyle from the Sydney Dance Company.  

Many of the participants in the #StopAdani Mardi Gras float have been involved in the two most momentous campaigns of 2017: the successful fight for marriage equality and the ongoing battle to stop Adani’s devastating mega-coal mine.

Tyler Peirce, who is taking part in the Mardi Gras for the first time said, “As a diver and marine biology student at Townsville’s James Cook University, I’ve witnessed the impact of climate change on our Reef. My love of the ocean and disbelief that Adani’s mine is even on the table, despite all we know about climate change, drove me to get involved in the #StopAdani campaign.

“Our float will celebrate equality, diversity and the dual achievements of the #StopAdani campaign and the same sex marriage campaign last year. I am looking forward to finally celebrating equality with my community this Saturday night and meeting #StopAdani and LGBTI activists from around the country.

“The plebiscite made 2017 a tough year for many, especially younger people in our community struggling to come to terms with who they are. This is our chance to dance it all off!” said Mr Peirce.

Jordan Wimbis, Queensland grassroots coordinator of SEED Indigenous Youth Climate Network and #StopAdani dancer said, “I’m excited to travel down to Sydney for Mardi Gras as a young, gay, Indigenous Queenslander who has worked on the #StopAdani and marriage equality campaigns.

“As a young, gay indigenous person fighting against the fossil fuel industry, having voices such as my own and other young mob strengthens the foundations of our movement. It’s going to be awesome to celebrate all our wins so far, with like-minded people in a community which I feel themost safe,” said Mr Wimbis.       

Nell Schofield, organiser of the float and producer and director of #StopAdani’s latest documentary ‘A Mighty Force’, said, “We’re showcasing the diversity of the movement with bedazzling Queer Planeteers from across Australia.

“We’ll have on board Knitting Nannas Against Gas and queer eco-heroes from the Close Pine Gap and Franklin campaigns. We’re also honoured to welcome Pacific Climate Warriors fighting sea level rise from climate change.

“Our float celebrates our diverse and fabulous movement with a celebration of love for our Reef, our planet and for each other,” Ms Schofield concluded. 

Photos will be made available on the Stop Adani flickr page.