16,000 Australians say ‘Stop Adani’ at National Day of Action

An estimated 16,000 Australians joined together at 45 events around the nation on Saturday to spell out ‘Stop Adani’ with their bodies, in a vivid display of community opposition to what would be one of the biggest coal mines in the world.

VISUALS: See high quality images (here) and drone footage and b-roll (here). New national polling commissioned for the day can be found below.

Peter McCallum, co-ordinator with Queensland’s Mackay Conservation Group said,“Organisers were blown away by the turn out, making clear that people power will stop this mine. From events as intimate as 20 people in Ipswich, to 200 in Mackay and an estimated 2000 plus attendees each at Brisbane, Bondi and Melbourne, ordinary people from around Australia voiced their opposition to the Adani mine.

“This is a clear message to Malcolm Turnbull and Annastacia Palaszczuk that Australians do not want $1 billion of public money spent on this dangerous coal project which will fuel climate change, steal Queensland’s water, trash Indigenous rights and destroy the Great Barrier Reef.

“At world famous Bondi Beach people were unable to fit in the sign marked out. In Newtown in Sydney and on the NSW North Coast at Coffs Harbour we had to create an exclamation mark after “Stop Adani” to make sure everyone was included.

“In Gundagai the dog on the tuckerbox was joined by some Stop Adani friends. People in Tenterfield in Barnaby Joyce’s electorate took to the streets. A boat was chartered to Whitehaven Beach in the Great Barrier Reef to create a sign on what has been named one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

“The diversity of the Stop Adani movement was on show, with Indigenous supporters, young and old and people from a wide range of nationalities.

“The day will also be remembered for its creativity, with parachuters, Stop Adani dogs, interfaith vigils, inventive hats and costumes and Stop Adani footy teams.

“Maybe the cake goes to farmers in Glen Davis in NSW’s Capertee Valley who spelt out Stop Adani using cowpats.”

ReachTEL poll summary

A survey of 2,194 residents across Australian on 4 October 2017 showed:

  • A clear majority (56%) of Australians now oppose the Adani coal project going ahead, with 18% undecided.

  • Well over two thirds (69%) of Labor voters and a clear majority (58%) of Nationals voters oppose the mine. Liberals are split almost down the middle (39% support; 35% oppose), and more One Nation voters oppose the mine (45%) than support it (38%).

  • Two thirds (66%) of Australians believe the Queensland Government should keep its election promise to not spend public money on Adani’s private rail line. They want the Queensland Government to use its power to veto the $1bn loan to Adani.