What are we hoping to achieve by making phone calls?


We know the most powerful way to shift hearts and minds is by having one-on-one conversations. The way that people from across Australia can have these all-important conversations with Queenslanders is over the phone.

We will place calls into Queensland electorates where there is a real contest of ideas for whether or not the $1bn loan should be handed to Adani. In some of these electorates, the sitting member won by as few as 125 votes at the last election.

By hosting calling parties and having powerful conversations with Queenslanders in these key electorates, we will help ensure that when they go to the ballot box, those voters are thinking about where the parties stand on this crucial issue.

In this way, we can build pressure on whoever the next Queensland government is, to veto the $1bn loan and shatter Adani’s plans for getting their coal project off the ground.