Sequencing your events to build power: how to make the most of the Big Day of Action

Join us for an extra special webinar and online crash course on how to absorb new people into your group and sequencing your events to build power.

In light of Saturday being absolutely MASSIVE, we are extending this webinar by 30 mins to share stories from the weekend.

The first half an hour will be a celebration/debrief from the Day of Action - and is entirely optional. We will be delivering training content from 7-8pm Sydney time. 

Making sure that we are always growing and upskilling our volunteer base is essential for building the movement and ultimately winning the campaign to #StopAdani. This is particularly important now, having just run the biggest actions the campaign has seen to date!

We will be joined by Queensland #StopAdani organiser, Ray Yoshida who will share tips on:

  • Data: What is it, where does it go and how to use it
  • Making the most of your team's skills
  • Bringing in new people and keeping them engaged

How to join:
To join online via video link, click here:

We recommend joining online if you can, as it is a more interactive experience. If you can't though, you can dial in by calling (02) 8015 2088 and entering the meeting ID: 334 285 8874

NB: We will be meeting at 6:30pm Sydney time. This is 5:30pm QLD time, and 3:30pm Perth time.

October 12, 2017 at 6:30pm - 8pm
Emily Kain ·

Will you come?

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