Call Frydenberg!

***Due to thousands of emails and calls, the minister's decision timeline has been extended!***

Federal Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg is due to make a crucial decision on the future of the Adani coal mine.

Adani wants to suck 12.5 billion litres of water EVERY YEAR from the Suttor River for its Carmichael coal mine without requiring an environmental assessment of its plan.

Frydenberg's initial review of Adani's proposal was due July 5. Due to our public pressure, he has requested further information from Adani and has extended his deadline to make a decision on whether Adani's water scheme requires a full environmental assessment.

Let's keep the pressure up!

The #StopAdani movement has sent thousands of emails to Frydenberg's office, asking him to demand a federal environmental review of Adani's water plan. 

Let's flood his office with emails from all over the country to make sure he makes the right choice!

Will you take a minute and contact Minister Frydenberg's office, asking him to conduct a review?