Spineless Boogie! Turnbull, #StopAdani!

Turnbull is bending over backwards to fund Adani's dangerous coal mine with public money. We know that building the largest coal mine in the world will cook the Great Barrier Reef and our climate.

Turnbull said the mine is "vitally important for Australia's economic future". And before he took the top job he said he would not lead a party not as committed as he is. Well he has shown his hand. And it is black. Black as the coal that should stay in the ground. Spineless leaders come and go, Turnbull it is time to stand up to the climate deniers and Adani supporters in your government and rule out the billion dollar loan to Adani!

We need people power this Thursday morning at Prime Minister Turnbull's office to make sure that he knows we're not going away until he commits to protect the reef and #StopAdani.

WEAR: red and black or your Stop Adani shirt! 
BRING: banners, skeleton spines, other spineless creatures ( we will also be bringing a new spine he can have!)

Your presence is everything! We could put a spine back in Turnbull by enforcing clean transition to renewables and pressuring him to pull out of the Adani project!

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July 06, 2017 at 10:00am - 12pm


James Dagher · · 431035727


Malcolm Turnbull's Office
287-289 New South Head Rd
Edgecliff, NSW 2027

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