We have a window RIGHT NOW to push HSBC’s new climate policy to rule out funding Adani. By text messaging and WhatsApping five key decision makers at HSBC, we can ramp up the pressure, and let them know that people across the world want HSBC to stop funding Adani.

STEP 1: Get out your phone and decide if you’ll text, WhatsApp, or both!

You can find the mobile members in the form on this page*. Numbers starting with +61 are from Australia, +44 from UK, +31 from Netherlands.

Almost all of these executives also use the messaging app WhatsApp. We encourage everyone to text AND WhatsApp each executive, but just doing one of these is also fine. 

How to WhatsApp!

  • Download WhatsApp on your mobile phone (here)
  • Open the WhatsApp app on your phone and follow the prompts to set it up.
  • To message an executive on WhatsApp you’ll need to add their number as a contact on your phone, and then you will automatically be able to find them on WhatsApp.
  • It’s free to message an international number using WhatsApp.

STEP 2: Compose your message!

Feel free to use this template below, but ideally compose your own so that it’s obvious to the executives that each of these messages is from a different person. Keep the message polite, respectful, and relatively brief - then they are more likely to read it.

Dear [executives full name], my name’s [name] and I’m from Australia. HSBC’s new climate policy must include ruling out investments in Adani companies. We have evidence that Adani is funnelling investments from across their companies to fund construction of the Carmichael coal project. We know you can do this, because PIMCO, Samsung, Storebrand, and others have ruled out investing in Adani. Let me know if you would like more info. Thank you.

STEP 3: Let us know who you’ve texted!

Once you have sent a text and/or WhatsApp, use the adjacent form to let us know who you contacted. This is important, as it gives us an indication of how much pressure has been applied.

STEP 4: Let us know if you got a response!

If you get a response, please let us know! Get in touch with [email protected] and please include who the response was from and what they said.

*These mobile numbers have all been sourced from publicly available records.