Tell Commbank DO NOT FUND ADANI, Camberwell CBA Branch

This action is brought to you by the Kooyong #StopAdani action group: a group of local citizens who want effective climate action and a clean energy future!

Adani has already received special treatment, free water and a shield against community opposition from the Queensland government. Now they need finance. They cannot get it from overseas banks. They cannot get it from any Australian bank EXCEPT COMMBANK. Commbank will not say they will not finance the mine. WE NEED TO CONVINCE THEM TO SAY NO TO ADANI.

Across the country, people everywhere are standing up to #StopAdani. Over 100 new groups and thousands of concerned people like you are joining the movement. We’re sending the message loud and clear that we won’t let this disastrous mine go ahead.

We’re calling on the local Kooyong community to come together outside Camberwell branch to talk to Commbank customers and  other community members to give them the information and means to let Commbank know they should not do this; and to send Commbank a clear message by our presence. We will be peaceful and respectful yet determined.

Bring a placard, bring a friend, or just bring yourself!

This is an independently run event hosted by a member of your community. When you RSVP, ACF will pass on your contact details to the host for the purpose of running the event.


June 24, 2017 at 10:00am - 12pm


Leigh Naunton ·


Outside Commbank Camberwell
737 Burke Rd
Camberwell, Victoria 3124

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