Why is this important?
When we pressure our candidates, they are forced to respond. They either show themselves as a blocker or fence-sitter, or say they want to #StopAdani, which helps move other candidates to say it too. We can do this by getting media, so that candidates are asked by the media to respond. We can also do this by bringing people together in our communities, so that candidates are asked by the community to respond.

How to do it?

Bird Dogging

Bird dogging means intervening in media conferences and events of candidates. To do it, sign up to every platform your candidates are on: sign up to their email list on their website, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, find out what events they will be attending. Paint #StopAdani banners that you can hold behind them, keeping the banners small enough that the media can get a photo with the candidate and banner in the same photo. Then remember to be respectful, and go get ‘em!

Want to know more about bird dogging? Find out more here.

#ClimateElection Candidates Forum

Get yourself and friends together. Decide on a day, time, and venue in your community to fit around 100 people - maybe a pub, a sports club, or a hall. For broader appeal, we recommend these are #ClimateElection themed, rather than #StopAdani themed. Choose someone to be an MC and invite the candidates to be on a panel. Then promo, promo, promo! Make an event on Facebook, email your friends or your email list, and text everyone as well. Print posters and flyers and put them up in your community. Then at the event, have someone videoing statements on a phone, so media can verify them.

WEEK OF ACTION APRIL 13TH-17TH: Lots of groups are organising a wave of #Climate Election Candidates Forums for the week of April 13-17. This is a great time to do one!

For Candidates Forum promo materials, MC questions, what to do if candidates aren’t confirming they will attend, and more, you can find a guide and resources here.