Why is this important?

To win, we need more Australians to agree that it’s time to #StopAdani - and then taking action! Research shows that conversations are the most effective way of moving someone to agree with you and to take action with you.4 Through building a base of agreement and action, we can pressure our candidates with the community’s backing.

When we have a conversation with someone, we are trying to move them one step closer to our movement. So if they already agree with us, we try to move them to action. If they are on the fence, we try to move them to agree with us. If they disagree with us, we try to move them to a neutral position. However, if they strongly disagree with us, then we might respectfully decline further conversation and move onto other people!

How do you do it?

Get yourself and friends together. Choose somewhere in your community where there are lots of people, like a train station or a market. Decide on a day and a time that you and your friends will have conversations at your chosen location. Better still, decide on multiple days and times. You could even set up a roster and get more people involved!

To have conversations you will need:

The sign up sheets ask for email addresses. This is so you can start an email list of people in your community who want to #StopAdani, so you can invite them to join your conversations roster or other #StopAdani events. If you do not want to start an email list, you can take a photo with your phone of your sign up sheets and email them to [email protected] and they will be added to the national #StopAdani email list.

Want to go doorknocking in your community? Check out the guide and resources here.