#StopAdani National Summit Program

Welcome to the #StopAdani National Summit! Here you will find all the information you need to participate in the Summit including summaries of sessions, times, and links to join sessions on Zoom.

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10 am AEST - Opening Plenary

Starting with an Acknowledgement of Country we will spend time getting to know our fellow #StopAdani grassroots friends from around Australia and the world.

10:30 am AEST - First Nations Plenary

Keynote speaker Adrian Burragubba - senior spokesperson and Elder for the Wangan and Jagalingou Tribal Council to share his story of resistance to Adani's mega coal mine and his people’s ongoing fight for land justice.

11:15 am AEST - Our Plan to #StopAdani Plenary

Listen to leaders from the movement from Australia and around the world as they share our strategy to #StopAdani. Speakers include: 

  • Sulakshana - US Energy Campaigner with Rainforest Action Network to talk about how our campaign is shifting the global coal sector
  • Sreedhar Ramamurthi - co-founder of Environics Trust in India to share stories of resistance from communities who are fighting plans to build a new coal plant in Godda in India - the destination for the coal from Adani’s mine.
  • Holly Creenaune - Senior Strategist at The Sunrise Project will explore the problem of Australian coal and why Adani is persisting with their dirty Carmichael coal project. 
  • Isaac Astill - Organiser with Tipping Point will deep dive on our 3 strategic priorities to #StopAdani with grassroots leaders from across the movement.

12:40 pm AEST - LUNCH

 A quick half-hour break to grab some lunch at home and digest what you have heard so far.

1:10 pm - 2:40 pm AEST - Campaign Workshops

After lunch you will have the choice of 6 tailored workshops. See below for a description of each.

Workshop 1 - Stop the Money - Adani’s Insurance

Join this workshop to learn about Lloyd’s - Adani’s last resort for insurance! Adani needs insurance to continue work on their destructive coal project. Hear the latest strategies and tactics we can use to make sure there isn’t a company on Earth that will insure Adani!

With: Gemma Borgo-Caratti (The Sunrise Project) & Isaac Astill (Tipping Point)


Workshop 2 - Stop the Money - Adani’s Abbot Point Coal Port debt

Adani’s coal port is drowning in debt with over $1 billion in loans. Adani must find investors or the Adani family will have to bail out Abbot Point with their own cash. How can we stop global financiers from backing Adani’s mine?

With: Ed Hill (The Sunrise Project),  Nina Atkinson (Tipping Point) and Pablo Brait (Market Forces)


Workshop 3 - Expose the Injustice - Adani’s Godda coal power plant

Indigenous peoples are resisting Adani and its contractors from building a new coal plant in Godda that will burn coal from the Carmichael mine. The overpriced electricity will be sold to communities in Bangladesh. Meet campaigners from India and Bangladesh and learn how you can help stop Adani from building the power plant.

With: Sreedhar Ramamurthi (Environics Trust in India), Mehedi Hasan (Coastal Livelihood and Environmental Action Network, Bangladesh), Ruchira Talukdar (PhD scholar at UTS), Jess Harwood and Adam Black (The Sunrise Project)


Workshop 4 - Expose the Injustice - Adani’s work on site

How can we drive national and international outrage at the destruction Adani is causing to the country, threatened species, and precious water resources as it begins work on the Carmichael mine?

Learn how your group can help spread the story and take action with Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC) and Galilee Rising.

With: Minna Featherstone & Nic Dureau (Galilee Rising) and Hayley Sestokas and Amy Booth (FLAC).


Workshop 5 - Building the Movement - From stopping Adani to moving Australia beyond coal

Australia exports more coal and gas than any other country - so how can we scale up our movement campaigns for change? Let’s zoom out and look at coal mining in Australia; how the #StopAdani campaign has been challenging the coal industry; and how we can create big strategies for the urgent transition we need. We’ll also discuss the new StopAdani film and how we can use it to celebrate and build our movement!

With: Holly Creenaune (The Sunrise Project) and Judy McLennan (StopAdani GoldCoast)


Workshop 6 - Building the Movement - New to #StopAdani? 

Are you new to #StopAdani? Welcome! Join this session to learn how you can take action from home, in your community and with others nationally. We’ll be joined by local leaders who will share the history, story and strategy that drive our efforts to stop the biggest coal mine in Australia’s history.

With: Liisa Rusanen (Coffs Coast Climate Action), Gillian Reffell (#StopAdani Sydney), Tracey Elser (#StopAdani Albury-Wodonga), Moira Williams (Tipping Point)


2.40 pm AEST - Closing Plenary

Join a final session where we’ll hear the key next steps from each of the workshops and map out how this critical work links together to launch the next exciting phase of the campaign.


3.00 pm AEST - Close