Donate to stop the money for Adani's coal port

Let's stop the money!

Thanks to our people-powered movement, Samsung and Hanwha have ruled out Adani!

But it's not over yet. Adani are scrambling to find companies willing to risk their reputations by loaning money to pay off Adani's Abbot Point coal port debt. If Adani can't find willing companies, they will have to pay the debt themselves.

Every dollar Adani spends paying back Abbot Point debt is a dollar they can’t spend digging their climate-wrecking coal mine.

Adani's potential creditors need to know that funding Abbot Point means supporting Adani's disastrous coal project to fuel the climate crisis. 

Your donation will power a campaign of unrelenting public pressure calling on key global financial institutions to rule out Adani!

Together, we can shift global finance away from Adani's coal and make climate-destruction completely uninvestable.

Here's how your donation works

Your donation will go to Tipping Point, the organisation that supports the mighty #StopAdani movement and the national network of #StopAdani groups to flourish and win.

Your dollars will be hard at work...

  • bringing grassroots leaders together to make powerful plans to convince potential creditors to rule out Adani
  • launching powerful digital and in-person tactics that heap unrelenting public pressure on Adani's potential creditors
  • helping #StopAdani groups do what they do best: run powerful local campaigns that reach millions of Australians, suburb by suburb and town by town!

Tipping Point is a project of Friends of the Earth Australia.

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