StopAdani activists in India make huge media splash

When Queensland politicians flew to India to tell a nice tidy story about Australians overwhelmingly supporting a new massive climate and reef-killing coal pit, our brave #StopAdani crew made huge waves in India and here at home telling a very different story. 

When a farmer, reef tourism operator, businessman, and environmental advocate followed politicians on a taxpayer-funded junket to India, they were written off as fringe. But they came with a letter signed by more than 90 prominent Australians, all saying the same thing: Australians don't want the world's biggest coal mine, with the world's greatest renewable energy resources we know we can do better.


Here is some of the media coverage from the trip: 

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Here is the media release that was sent out:


17 April 2017

‘Stop Adani’ Australian delegation release new poll, attend Adani HQ mtg

Three quarters of Australians polled want Qld Premier and Mayors, on their trade mission to India, to pursue Adani investment in solar not coal:


  • New poll shows three quarters of people believe Qld Premier & Regional Mayors, in India today, should pursue solar not coal. See below.

  • Meeting between Adani HQ Senior Management and community delegation of Geoff Cousins AO, Qld farmer, tourism operator and reef campaigner.

  • With the hotly contested Third Test between India and Australia underway, former Cricket Captain Ian Chappell says renewable energy is the future.

AHMEDABAD, INDIA. Imogen Zethoven AO, Great Barrier Reef campaigner for the Australian Marine Conservation Society which commissioned the new poll said, “It’s clear from this new poll that Australians want our political leaders to pursue investment in clean energy, not dirty coal.

“Our glorious Great Barrier Reef, famous around the world, is once again dying in a devastating mass bleaching event, caused by global warming.  

“Large scale solar, not the new Adani coal mine, is the solution to the climate crisis hitting nations around the globe.

Businessman Geoff Cousins AM said,“Our community delegation met with senior management at Adani Headquarters who received our open letter from prominent Australians.

“It was a productive meeting. We explained the growing opposition to the proposed Adani coal mine in Queensland and agreed to a continued dialogue with the company. We reiterated that we welcome Adani’s investment in solar in Australia but are steadfast in our opposition to their coal mine.”

Cricket legend Ian Chappell, who signed the eminent persons’ open letter delivered by the delegation said, “I have great memories of playing cricket in India and the warm reception our Australian team received. But we don’t need Adani’s coal mine in Australia. Bring on renewable energy – that’s the best future for everyone.”

Other delegates visiting Adani HQ with Mr Cousins included reef tourism operator DrLindsay Simpson, and Queensland farmer Bruce Currie.



The Queensland Premier and regional Mayors are currently on a trade mission to India.  Do you think they should be seeking investment in clean energy solutions like new solar power stations, or in coal mines?

More than 7 out of 10 (72.1%) people polled wanted to see the Premier and regional Mayors pursue investment in solar, compared to just 14.6% who preferred coal.

Poll explained here, PDF here.