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To the CEOs and boards of the Adani Group corporation,

The world is in a race against time to solve the climate crisis. Your Carmichael coal mine will exploit one of the biggest untapped coal reserves on the planet and put lives and livelihoods at risk by fuelling worse heat waves, bush fires, floods, droughts and coral bleaching. It will permanently damage groundwater and violate Indigenous land rights. This is why a huge majority of Australians oppose the project.

Millions of Australians have taken action to stop this coal mine and this movement will keep growing until your mine is stopped.

I pledge to escalate peaceful protest and do what's necessary to stop your coal mine threatening our water, land and iconic Reef, and fuelling greater climate change.

Pledge now to #StopAdani!

Adani have bullied their way into getting their last environmental approval.

But the fight's not over. Federal and State governments have always supported Adani but the mining giant still don’t have a single major contractor or bank willing to back this disastrous project. And that’s because of the hard work of our grassroots movement.

People power has been the only thing stopping this mine for 7 years and that won't stop now. But we need to raise the stakes.

Sign the pledge to show you’re willing to do what it takes to stop Adani and move Australia beyond coal.

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