stap adani film screening 'guarding the galilee' at kuranda amphitheatre this monday 24th april

as this is a spontaneously awesome kuranda community event, some of these things are still being confirmed - tho it's already looking pretty good and 'guarding gallilee' film producer nell schofield will be here to do a 'q and a' after the film - here is the draft program -

6am open amphitheatre for 6.30pm start,

raw-organic-yummies by donation on entry...

6.30 - potential welcome to country, potential dancers,

6.45 - evening final program outline shared with all,

6.45 - 7.15 - potential local 'frontier wars' stories and discussion,

7.15 - 7.25 - first raw-organic-yummie-break, 10mins

7.30 - 8pm - kelli blackrobats introduces 'stingray sisters' and that film is screened,

8.05 - 8.15 - 2nd raw-organic-yummie-break 10mins

8.15 - film producer nell schofield's awesome yarn and intro to 'guarding the gallilee'

8.30 - - 'guarding the gallilee' screening

9pm - 9.30 - then the awesome nell schofield again and a q'n'a session after the film

and also a 'how does this also relate to our own community'? discussion,

while consuming more raw-organic-yummies and yarning up bigtime,

and while also collectively cleaning the place til it sparkles,

and then we go and spread our love'n'collective consciousness to the rest of the universe... <3

hope to see you all there with friends and family, neighbours and casual acquaintances,

entry is 15$, 10$, 5$, or by donation...main thing - be there for support!

see you there!! and thanks for all the shares!!!




April 24, 2017 at 6:00pm - 9:30pm


lisa seedsavers ·


kuranda amphitheatre understage
5 Barron Falls Rd
Kuranda, QLD 4881

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