Shift the Politics

Adani has many of the approvals at a state and federal level they need to dig their dangerous mine, however, we have the majority of Australians on our side! Most Australians oppose Adani's mine going ahead. We have built a strong movement that has already had some significant wins.

In 2017, we took great strides to #StopAdani - pushing Australian and Chinese banks to say no to funding the mine, pressuring the Queensland government to veto the $1 billion loan, and seeing Downer break $2 billion in ties with Adani. 

In 2018, we will stop Adani's mine, once and for all.

By focussing on our own electorates, we can show the groundswell of resistance against this mine and show that supporting coal in this country will get you voted out.

Organise a meeting with your local MP to share your concern and call on them to stick to their election promise of no public funding for Adani.