To win, it’s vital we take photos and videos of what we are doing and share them! By sharing what we’re doing with photos and videos, we help the media amplify what we’re doing, make sure our friends know about it, help boost the morale of our movement, and we make sure our candidates know what we’re doing as well.

Take photos and videos on your phone and then:

  • Choose the best 5 photos and videos
  • Email them to your local media with a short explanation
  • Post them on your personal social media with the hashtag #StopAdani, so that your friends can see what you have done and share it widely
  • Post them in the #StopAdani Support Network so other people in the movement can see what you’ve done, and draw inspiration
  • Email them to your candidates with a short explanation

Share this guide!

To win, we need as many people to read this guide and get active in our movement. Once you’ve read this guide, email it to your friends so that they can read it as well.