Step 2 - Choose an MP action and the day and time of your event!

DECIDE ON AN ACTION, A DAY AND TIME: Ideally, plan your action to take place in the week of November 20-24. If we all run actions over the same week, they'll get greater media and impact! Choose a time - morning is recommended, as this is best for the media to attend and have their coverage edited in time for the evening news.

In October, over 65 #StopAdani human sign events were held across Australia with over 20,000 people taking part! We need to build on these huge numbers and use our collective power to put pressure directly on our local MPs. Let's aim to have hundreds of people turn up outside MP offices.

The #StopAdani Shakeup is taking places November 20-24, just before the last parliamentary sitting weeks of the year. Our local MPs won't be in Canberra and should be in their electorate offices.

If you decide to have a meeting with your MP, here's a handy guide on how to host an MP meeting!