#StopAdani Shakeup

Join the #StopAdani Shakeup

To #StopAdani, our politicians need a serious shakeup!

Around Australia, people are taking the momentum from our wins on Westpac, on CommBank, and our Big Day of Action - with over 60 human signs and 20,000 people spelling it out - and turning up on the doorsteps of our local MPs.

The #StopAdani Shakeup is kicking off from November 20-24th!

Just like the Big Day of Action, we'll organise huge, creative, and noisy actions. But instead of our beaches and our parks - we're going to the offices of our local MPs. If you've done this once before - excellent! There's never been a more important time to do it bigger and noisier! From November 20-24th, our politicians will be in their electoral offices, so let's get loud!

Approval for the $1bn taxpayer-funded loan could be imminent. Let's make sure there's no chance Adani will get the money over the summer by ramping up before the final sitting weeks. Let's shake it up!

Holding an action at your MP's office? Add it to the map below and we'll help spread the word!

Want to find an event near you? Search our map and RSVP now!