#StopAdani Shakeup

To #StopAdani, our politicians need a serious shakeup!

Around Australia, people are taking the momentum from our wins on Westpac, on CommBank, and our Big Day of Action - with over 60 human signs and 20,000 people spelling it out - and turning up on the doorsteps of our local MPs.

The #StopAdani Shakeup is kicking off from November 20-24th!

Just like the Big Day of Action, we'll organise huge, creative, and noisy actions. But instead of our beaches and our parks - we're going to the offices of our local MPs. If you've done this once before - excellent! There's never been a more important time to do it bigger and noisier! From November 20-24th, our politicians will be in their electoral offices, so let's get loud!

Approval for the $1bn taxpayer-funded loan could be imminent. Let's make sure there's no chance Adani will get the money over the summer by ramping up before the final sitting weeks. Let's shake it up!

Holding an action at your MP's office? Add it to the map below and we'll help spread the word!

Want to find an event near you? Search our map and RSVP now!

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How to turn up the heat on your MP!

CHOOSE YOUR MP: Find out who your local MP is here, contact them and tell them what you want them to do to #StopAdani

LIBERAL / NATIONALS MPS — WHAT WE WANT THEM TO DO: The Coalition holds the approval of a $1bn taxpayer-funded NAIF loan for Adani in their hands. We want Liberal and Nationals MPs to come out against the $1bn taxpayer-funded loan!

LABOR MPS  WHAT WE WANT THEM TO DO: With PM Turnbull tanking in the polls, it's time for the ALP to act on what the majority of Australians will vote on next federal election, #StopAdani! We want Labor to commit to publicly come out against the $1bn taxpayer-funded NAIF loan if it was ever approved, revoke both the loan and Adani's environmental approvals. Such a commitment from Labor would create mayhem for Adani's prospects of securing international funders, as these funders need the Adani coal mine to remain viable long after the next election.

DECIDE ON AN ACTION, A DAY AND TIME: Ideally, plan your action to take place in the week of November 20-24. If we all run actions over the same week, they'll get greater media and impact! Choose a time - morning is recommended, as this is best for the media to attend and have their coverage edited in time for the evening news.

In October, over 65 #StopAdani human sign events were held across Australia with over 20,000 people taking part! We need to build on these huge numbers and use our collective power to put pressure directly on our local MPs. Let's aim to have hundreds of people turn up outside MP offices.

The #StopAdani Shakeup is taking places November 20-24, just before the last parliamentary sitting weeks of the year. Our local MPs won't be in Canberra and should be in their electorate offices.

If you decide to have a meeting with your MP, here's a handy guide on how to host an MP meeting!

PLANNING TEMPLATE: Here is a template to use to plan your action

Keep your action simple, so you can put the majority of your energy into promotion and making your action huge! However, keeping your action fun will keep people coming back to your actions! Ideas include: asking people to dress in costumes, musical instruments, performances, teaching people a simple dance or song, face painting - the possibilities are endless!

POST YOUR EVENT ON OUR HANDY MAP: Click the big red button above that says 'host your own shakeup event'!

To post it on the map, you'll need an external web link. We suggest creating a Facebook event first, then simply copy and paste the Facebook event link into the event form when you post it to our map.

What do politicians care about? Numbers. Unfortunately, all too often those numbers are preceded by dollar signs. But whilst our movement doesn't have Adani's billions of dollars, we do have millions of people and people = votes! Let's continue to get bang for our buck with our people power!

Promote your event through all channels available to you in your community. Talk about it, make a Facebook event, promote it on social media, put up posters and flyers, write a letter to the editor, tap into local networks, email your database, and let's make your action HUGE!

IT'S SHAKEUP TIME! Get rowdy! Get great photos! Shake it up! Use the hashtag #StopAdani! And have fun!

It's great you've got folks at your action, but we gotta prove it! Make sure you've delegated one person to take photos and video, one person to be a media spokesperson, and another person to run your social media on the day - even if this is simply posting action photos across their Facebook and Twitter accounts live during the event. If you're up for it, have them run Facebook Live videos too! Here's a Facebook Live Guide.

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS: Send five - only five - of your best photos to photos@stopadani.com so we can feature your photos! Here's a Photo and Video Guide.

SOCIAL MEDIA: You've gotten noisy at your MP office, now get noisy online! Post the best photos on your personal Facebook profile your group's Facebook page, on the page of your local MP, everywhere! Use the hashtag #StopAdani.

MEDIA: Send out a media alert before your action and a media release after your action. Include five of the great photos from your action and send them off to the local media. Go one further and call them to let them know they should check their emails for your release and photos! Here's a Getting Local Media Guide.

The #StopAdani movement has been working to shift our politics for months now and we've already moved several politicians from all sides of politics! Pointing out the other politicians that have moved is a great way of putting the pressure on your local MP - if other members of their party have moved, then why can't they? Great work everyone, the pressure is working!

The below politicians aren't necessarily off the hook, but they have spoken out against the Adani coal mine - it's a start!


  • Bert Van Manen MP
  • Sarah Henderson MP
  • Jason Wood MP


  • Senator Lisa Singh
  • David Feeney MP
  • Peter Khalil MP
  • Mark Butler MP
  • Terri Butler MP

FULL STATEMENTS: Click here to read the above politician's full statements with references.

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