Send a text to State Bank of India executives 

The State Bank of India is still considering giving Adani a $AU1 billion loan to dig its climate-wrecking mega-mine in Australia.

Public pressure forced SBI to delay this decision at the end of 2020. We need to keep the pressure on the Bank's executives until they categorically rule out supporting the most contested coal project in the world.

We know that when we contact decision-makers by phone, it can have a huge impact. Will you send a text message today?

What you need

1. Click here for SBI executives' contact details.

2. Pick an executive: Pick someone with a mobile phone number to text! Some of the executives are also available on other messaging services. See the icon and the letters next to their number to know if you can text them, and what other messaging services they use:

  • 📱 = mobile, you can text them
  • W = Whatsapp
  • S = Signal
  • T = Telegram

3. Compose and send: Keep the message polite, respectful, and relatively brief - then they are more likely to read it. Make sure to include that they must abandon plans to give Adani a $1 billion loan.

4. Log contact: In the table listing all the executives here, click the blue "Log Contact" button next to the executives' name to let us know you've done it! This helps us to make sure everyone is getting some attention.

5. Forward responses: If you get a response, forward it to [email protected] for input on how to respond.

For more detailed instructions, plus tips on other fun ways to contact executives, click here!