Save the black-throated finch from extinction!

A shocking new study has shown the endangered black-throated finch has lost 80% of its habitat. Adani’s coal mine will destroy its best remaining habitat.1 

Adani's plan to “save” the finch is to move them to a plot of land where Clive Palmer plans to build another monster coal mine.2  Seriously. It would be comic if it weren’t so tragic. 

Ecologists have slammed Adani's management plan and warned it could push the finches closer to extinction. But Adani are pressuring the Queensland Government to rush the approval process, and bullying expert scientists assigned to conduct an independent review.

Can you contact Queensland Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch and ask her to stand strong against Adani's bullying and protect our native wildlife from extinction?

[1] Adani mine: environmental laws designed to protect black-throated finch led to bird's decline, The Guardian, 31 January 2019
[2] Adani 'conservation area' for endangered finch sits on proposed Clive Palmer mine, The Guardian, 30 December 2018