Labor politicians won’t commit to stop Adani unless they hear from their community about why it’s important.

Politics in the Pub allow us to ask Labor MPs and Councillors to speak about their Party's plan to tackle dangerous climate change and stopping Adani's coal mine in a community forum - a pub!

If at the Politics in the Pub event the Labor politician or Councillor says they believe Labor should commit to stopping Adani, then great! That means another Labor politician or Councillor can help change Labor’s position to oppose Adani's coal mine.

If at the event the Labor politician or Councillor says they believe Labor shouldn't commit to stopping Adani, then this allows for discussion during the Q&A - to ask them questions about why they have that position and why it must change.

This is also an opportunity to invite Labor members along to the Politics in the Pub event, so we can connect with more local Labor members and so that Labor politicians and Councillors can see that many Labor members are interested in the Adani issue.


The events are simple: have a community conversation about something important over a beer in the pub!

From the 14th to 27th May, community groups are organising a #StopAdani Politics in the Pub events! Pick a date, find a free space in a pub in your area, and invite Labor MPs and Senators, City Councillors, Labor Party members, and your community!

As a Labor politician or Councillor to speak about Labor's plan to tackle dangerous climate change and their position on Adani’s coal mine.

Once this special guest has spoken, open the floor for questions so they can hear from the community about the Adani issue. Make sure to have someone politely filming the event, so you have a record of what was said.


IMPORTANT: Send us your five best pictures to photos@stopadani.com so they can be shared everywhere!


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