Paint The Town #StopAdani


To ensure #StopAdani is an issue our politicians can’t ignore, we need #StopAdani to be everywhere.

Let’s put up #StopAdani yard signs close to where your politician lives, stickers near their office, posters at their favourite cafe, #StopAdani in chalk on the footpath, and other creative ways of spreading the #StopAdani message!

Print your own materials below or get creative and make your own #StopAdani materials!

#StopAdani groups across the country are creating materials, choosing a time, getting their team together, and blitzing their town with all their #StopAdani materials at once! Let's saturate the streets!

Remember to use the #StopAdani hashtag when you upload photos of your team painting the town so we can be all over social media as well! Across Australia, #StopAdani will be everywhere!

IMPORTANT: Send us your five best pictures to so they can be shared everywhere!



Need some inspiration to get the creative ideas flowing? You could:

  • Put up yard signs in the neighbourhood where your MP lives and/or works
  • Get posters up in the shop windows of your mainstreet and local schools
  • Hang banners on the main roads that your MP drives along to get to work
  • Make your own home made sign to put up on your front fence or hedge
  • Set up some StopAdani signs on bike billboards and ride them around your MP’s office and along your community’s main street each day
  • Chalk the pavements outside your MP’s electorate office (but only if it is public land)


Make sure your MP sees what you’re doing:

  • Tweet your best Paint the Town pics at your politicians - if you don't know their twitter handle, simply google their name + twitter to find it
  • Take some great photos of your efforts and post them on Facebook
  • Send your best photos to so we can share them on social media
  • If you have a good relationship with local journalists - send them a short media release with links to your best photos