No More Water for Adani

Adani needs one crucial final approval from the Federal Government – their plan to manage precious groundwater. 

Any day now the Federal Government is expected to approve Adani's dodgy plan. We need to act fast - this plan may well decide whether more than 187 beautiful and ancient Great Artesian Basin spring wetlands survive, or not. 

We can’t risk that.

Doongmabulla Springs
Waterlillies at the Doongmabulla Springs. © Tom Jefferson.

A new expert review of the Adani plan shows that it is drastically flawed and inadequate. This is the latest from a string of experts who have identified serious concerns with Adani’s plan*.  

Experts tell us that if the Federal Government gives this weak plan the tick of approval, these incredible Great Artesian Basin springs may dry up for good.

There’s a real chance the Federal Government will approve this plan in a rush, just before they go into caretaker mode for the coming election, to avoid proper scrutiny.  

Adani’s plan will also need approval by the Queensland Government, but the Federal Government are the first cab off the rank and they need to hear from us now.

* Serious concerns identified with Adani’s plan