The Liberal National government still want to give up to $1 billion in taxpayer money to Adani.

Last year, hundreds of community protests pushed the Queensland government to stop the $1 billion public loan to Adani through the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility (NAIF).

Now Turnbull’s Federal government want to give Adani up to $1 billion in taxpayer money from a different government body called the Export Finance and Insurance Corporation (EFIC).

The Labor Party can also play a critical role in stopping this huge subsidy to Adani, but they haven’t stepped up yet, and they also need to hear the #StopAdani message.

We know that together can stop wasting taxpayer money on Adani - but only if we take action.



Help us to make sure our Government doesn't waste our taxpayer money on Adani’s dirty coal mine!

Choose a day for your action, get creative, and organise your community to put pressure on your local MP to #StopAdani and stop spending taxpayer money on Adani’s coal mine!

One community action won’t be enough to get your MP’s attention and change their mind, so when you’ve done one - get started organising the next one! Here are ideas from previous #StopAdani actions:

  • Climate Change Balmain Rozelle organised 50 people to queue-in at their politician’s office, with people talking to the office staff about #StopAdani, one person at a time.
  • Climate Action Central Vic organised a #StopAdani reef die-in, with 60 people dressed in white hazmat suits, lying down outside the MP’s office to represent the bleached Reef.
  • #StopAdani Townsville set up a bed and told their MP to get out of bed with Adani!


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