Protest Marsh from home

While we may not be able to protest Marsh in person, we can still show Marsh just how many people across Australia want them to help insure our future, not Adani's climate-wrecking coal project by holding a virtual protest. 

1. Make your own protest sign or print out a placard 

2. Take a selfie holding your sign

3. Submit your selfie and a message for Marsh

We'll bombard Marsh and key executives with your protest selfies and messages across social media. Plus, we'll bundle them up and deliver them in bulk digitally. 

Once you've uploaded your selfie and message, please feel free to send them through to Marsh from your own personal social media accounts too.

Use the hashtag #StopAdani and tag Marsh and Stop Adani (@MarshGlobal and @StopAdani on Facebook and Twitter, and @stopadanimovement on Instagram.)

Let's go!