Swarm Marsh on Social Media

Corporations form decisions based on disruption they feel across the company. By swarming Marsh on social media, we can create an unrelenting cacophony using every possible avenue, so that everywhere their social media managers, customer service staff and executives turn, all they see and hear is #StopAdani.

We already know that Marsh are incredibly sensitive about their climate credentials. And so they should be - working with Adani is a HUGE reputational risk. They've already deleted a number of social media posts where community members exposed their connection to Adani’s climate-wrecking coal project in the comments.

Marsh have since gone quiet on climate change, despite naming it as a key global threat in the recent 2020 Global Risk report. They're feeling the pressure. Let's keep it up!


This is where Marsh have the most followers! Marsh use LinkedIn to network with other companies, business contacts and experts in their field. As a thought leader on global risk, this audience is very important to them. 

1. Go to Marsh's LinkedIn page and leave comments on their recent posts. Be polite but firm. Many of these will be about coronavirus. Try not to be dismissive or make comparisons - the pandemic is extremely serious and is affecting all of us. Focus on climate change. If Marsh take the global threat of climate change seriously, they need to rule out further work on Adani's climate-wrecking coal project.

2. Find Marsh executives on LinkedIn, ask to "connect" with them and send them a 300-word introduction message asking them to rule out Adani. Do your research and craft your message so it's relevant to them and their company. If you have space, let them know why YOU care.


This is where Marsh have the second most followers! Tweet a message at Marsh (@MarshGlobal) and their parent company Marsh & McLennan Companies (@MMC_Global). If you have the time, make a sign with your message and snap a selfie to send to them. Remember to use the hashtags #MarshDumpAdani & #StopAdani.

Twitter is also a great place to engage directly with decision-makers! Tweet directly at senior leaders on the executive committee of Marsh's parent company, Marsh & McLennan Companies, calling on them to make the right decision and cut their ties with Adani’s mega coal mine in Australia. 


Marsh have a smaller following on Facebook, but it's still important to keep the pressure on!

  • Jump on to Marsh's Facebook Page and leave some comments on their recent posts. 
  • Send them a direct message via Facebook messenger with the same message!
  • When you're done, be sure to "Like" Marsh's page and select the option to "See first" in the "Following" dropdown. Any new Marsh posts will now conveniently pop up first in your feed so you can leave further comments.


Marsh isn't on Instagram, but their sister company Mercer is! Post a protest selfie, tag @mercerconsulting and don't forget to use the #StopAdani hashtag so we can find and share your post.

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