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To the Marsh CEO and board,

Australia's catastrophic bushfires, dangerous heat, choking smoke, floods and dust storms over summer show climate change is already devastating communities. Marsh should be leading the world helping companies drive solutions to global warming, not helping companies like Adani turbo-charge the climate crisis.

We ask that Marsh:

  1. Publicly rule out any insurance brokerage services for the Carmichael coal project, including the railway line and other associated infrastructure and including contractors working on the project;
  2. Publicly rule out any insurance brokerage services for the Adani Group, its Australian subsidiaries, and any other subsidiaries listed on the Global Coal Exit List (coalexit.org).

Marsh, help insure our future, not Adani's climate-wrecking coal project!

Global insurance broker Marsh are helping Adani find insurance for their climate-wrecking coal project. 

Insurance is critical for Adani - they can’t build their destructive coal mine without it. 16 major insurance companies have already said No to Adani. Because smart insurance companies know better than to back risky projects that will destroy their business and fuel the climate crisis. 

Now Adani are desperate to find an insurer willing to trash their reputation for this dirty mine. That’s where Marsh come in. They’re actively hunting down unethical insurers for Adani's destructive coal project.

Sign the petition calling on Marsh to help insure our future, not Adani’s climate-wrecking coal project!

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